Helping Hand Solder Fume Extractor

A rechargeable, battery operated solder fume extractor mounted onto one of the helping hands of my pcb holder. One of my first projects to involve a li-ion battery charging circuit - and boy is it useful!

3D Printed Dice Sanding Station

My first attempt at turning an idea into reality using FreeCAD and 3D printing. Hot swappable sanding discs that can be mounted onto a mini pottery wheel to make sanding surfaces through different grits much easier.

Resin Casting

Through the desire to have custom buttons with cool effects for retro consoles - I learned the process of making silicon moulds for use in resin casting.

Gameboy Restoration

Who can resist the nostalgia? I sure couldn't and thus I've been sucked into the world of modding gameboys, and to be honest, I'm a little hooked...

Smart Bicycle Helmet

University project completed in my final year. A smart bicycle helmet that can detect when you've had an accident and automatically fire an emergency SMS to a configured contact with your GPS location.

Oculus Capstone

My final year capstone project at university - a remote observation platform using the pre-release Oculus DK2 headset, the Oculus SDK, OpenCV, and OpenGL.